Solo Exhibit - She

Cat von Kang Gallery is delighted to host Xiaoxuan Liu's first solo exhibit, She. Join us for the exhibit's opening night on Friday, May 20th at 7 pm. 

She is a series of paintings that showcases an investigation in "depicting" without depicting, and in identifying without having a specific identity. She is a non-specific female figure: one that serves as both inspiration through exploration of the female self while simultaneously being a reflection of the artist herself. 

Xiaoxuan sets up situations by creating atmosphere using visual languages and rearranging objects found in daily lives, so that the invisible she is made visible without delineating an actual human form. By using a range of gestural marks and applying layers of glaze, Xiaoxuan brings light into her paintings. The artist frequently paints with bold impasto; at the same time, she approaches her paintings with cloth, and even bare hands, wiping off paints to reveal the formerly hidden layers. Through these additive and deductive processes, the surface is made vivid with multiple textures. Xiaoxuan’s paintings are both an outcome of an exploration, and a peek into her different stages of the creation process. 

About the artist: Xiaoxuan Liu, originally from Beijing, China, has recently graduated from School of the Art Institute of Chicago with a BFA in Painting and Drawing. She was included in several group shows in Chicago area. She is her first solo show; it runs from May 20th to 27th , 2016 at Cat Von Kang Gallery.