[AIR 3331] "Mirroring Twice" Exhibition

Period:September 12 (Mon) - 15 (Thu), 2016

Etc.:Reception: Sept. 12 (Mon) from 6pm to 9pm


Etc.:Open from 6pm on the first day; closed from 6pm on the last day.



When we look at the mirror, we are disguised, or not, by the twisted reality.

This exhibition showcases Xiaoxuan Liu's recent body of works that she has developed during her residency with AIR 3331. These works are about the play of perspectives. The scenes originate from the interior; they could be read as a peek into a bedroom from the position of the door. But while the background and foreground are mixed together, they are separate due to the different touch-ups of paints. Some elements look like the scenes outside a window; some are not. It is open to the audience for interpretation.

From the artist to the painting - from the painting to the audience -
It mirrors twice.

Artist Profile: http://residence.3331.jp/en/artists/003456.html